Simplesend is designed to allow any user to assemble a powerful marketing campaign simply and quickly. With SimpleSend exclusive OneScreen Compose
™, powerful management and robust reporting, SimpleSend lets you build, manage and maintain your e-mail campaigns in a matter of minutes.

OneScreen Compose™

Visual Editing
Write text and arrange layout as you would in Microsoft Word. OneScreen Compose™ works like a word processor for HTML e-mail designs.

Professionally Designed Templates
SimpleSend’s award-winning design team custom builds e-mail templates unique to your marketing needs. Or we can work with your designers to achieve the look you want.

Text Tools
Work with editing tools you’re already familiar with in your word processor – to bold, underline, change font, font size and colors, and center and justify text.

No HTML Skills Needed
Never have to sort through complicated HTML code. OneScreen Compose™ allows you to type right on your message without having to use HTML tags like <font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> and if you would like to edit the code, you can edit the HTML from OneScreen Compose™.

Photo Import
Insert images from your local hard drive into your e-mail campaign.

Image Server Included
SimpleSend does not charge extra for hosting the images in your e-mail marketing campaign.

Link Tracking
Link images and text in your message to any e-mail address or page on the Internet. Link to maps, sponsors and even to product pages and online shopping carts. Best of all, your links will be automatically set for link tracking. No need to add extra HTML tags.

List Management

Opt in from the Web
New users can subscribe to your newsletter via a custom designed web subscription form.

Collect Demographic Information
Have your subscribers fill in key demographic information - such as zip code, occupation, and age - upon signing up to your e-mail list. You choose which fields are required.

Support for Multiple Lists
Slice and dice your subscribers into separate mailing lists to send different, targeted messages to each demographic. Divide your mailing list into a group one, group two and so on.

Self Management
Subscribers can opt themselves into your e-mailing lists, opt themselves out, and decide which of your distribution lists to be on.

Duplicate Address Filtering
SimpleSend automatically removes any duplicate e-mail addresses to prevent e-mails from being sent twice to the same address.

Permanent Opt-Out List
When a subscriber opts out of a mailing, SimpleSend locks his or her name into a list of e-mail addresses that can never be sent to or re-entered elsewhere into the program. SimpleSend’s Permanent Opt-Out List minimizes the chance of accidentally sending to an opted-out subscriber.

Real Time Reporting

Executive Report
See a summary of your entire campaign on one screen. Find out how many e-mails were sent, how many bounced and how many people viewed and clicked within your message.

Subscriber Tracking
Monitor who looked at your newsletter and what they clicked on in real time.

Receive an optional e-mail notification anytime someone subscribers to your list, unsubscribe, or changes their subscription.

Bounce Manager
SimpleSend differentiates between hard and soft bounces. The Bounce Manager will automatically remove hard bounces from your mailing list to prevent ISP’s from labeling your mailings as unsolicited e-mail.

Powerful Sending

Heavy Duty E-mail Servers
Send thousands of e-mail within minutes.

Quality Assured Testing
SimpleSend tests your e-mail template to ensure proper HTML design rendering across the five largest mail providers – Hotmail, AOL, Netscape, Yahoo and Gmail. This helps to ensure your e-mail subscribers see the same, consistent design.

Opt-Out Link on all Messages
Following strict anti-spam policies, every e-mail sent from SimpleSend will have an area where subscribers can instantly opt-out of future mailings.

This feature can be on all messages sent. Subscribes can pass along your message to friends with SimpleSend’s “Forward to a Friend” feature.

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