County's Plan Gives Hope

Signaling a commitment to tackle homelessness across jurisdictional lines, the County and City of Los Angeles adopted comprehensive plans to help thousands of people living without shelter.

“The homeless are real people. They are veterans who fought for our freedom and shouldn’t have to fight for services like health care or job training; they are single mothers who work two or three jobs and still cannot afford rent; they are students at our local colleges who attend classes during the day and sleep in their cars at night," Los Angeles County Board Chair Hilda L. Solis said when the plans were unveiled.

Supported by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and United Way of Greater Los Angeles, the plans are a practical and achievable approach to confronting the homeless crisis prevalent in the region. Working together on both short-term and long-term strategies to confront homelessness, local leaders are taking the opportunity to fulfill the obligation of making impactful change a reality for those who need it most.

“This blueprint puts us on the path to add more outreach workers to our streets, more affordable housing in our neighborhoods and more supportive services to our most vulnerable residents," said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. "It is our moral imperative to help them."

For the first time ever, the County and the City of Los Angeles formally agreed to collaborate on combatting homelessness. “We cannot do this alone," Solis concluded. "The only way we will have any impact is if we work together." 

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Preserving the Red Car Property

Ten-acres of meandering land in
Silver Lake is closer to
conservation, thanks to Chair Solis. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved her request for $500,000 - which is partial funding that the Trust for Public Land needs in order to make the area a park. 

“Many area residents describe this parcel – known as the Corralitas Red Car Property – as an urban oasis," Solis noted.

Already utilized and enjoyed by dog walkers, cyclists and nature lovers, the open space lies adjacent to the Los Angeles River. The Trust for Public Land proposes to conserve the Corralitas Red Car Property because it is a haven for local residents to connect with nature. Walnut and oak woodlands fill the open space and it is home to various raptor and mammal species. The property is considered to be a key wildlife corridor between Griffith and Elysian Parks, two local premier natural landscapes.

“Conservation of the Red Car Property would take this privately held parcel and eventually turn it into a community asset for the public good,” Solis said.

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Healthy Eating Habits = a Healthy Life

Taking action so that hungry children may have more support to excel in school, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Feb. 9 passed a motion ensuring that snacks for children in low-income neighborhoods will continue to be provided, despite recent cutbacks in federal funding.

“A hungry child is an unhealthy child and will likely grow up to be an unhealthy adult. A hungry child cannot focus on schoolwork, and as a result, will likely grow up to be a disadvantaged adult," said Board Chair Solis. "I’m very pleased that the County Department of Parks and Recreation will collaborate with the State Department of Education to continue providing snacks at many after-school programs in low-income neighborhoods.

"This effort helps fill a gap created as a result of recent federal cutbacks in the program," Solis said.  

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas authored the motion. Solis was its co-author.

To read the motion, click here.

Community Action

Golden Dragon Parade

Bouyant dancing dragons, entertaining marching bands, festive floats and vibrant paper lanterns marked Chinatown's 117th annual Golden Dragon Parade, which was observed on Feb. 13.

Board Chair Hilda L. Solis participated in the parade and greeted attendees celebrating the Year of the Monkey by wishing them a "happy New Year filled with promise, prosperity, health - and most of all love and happiness." 

Arely Vargas, a sophomore with Mark Keppel High School's color guard team, which marched in the parade, said, "This was a fun experience!" 

Freshman Ethan Lin, a trumpet player from Mark Keppel High's marching band, said that participating in the event "made me appreciate my culture and brought me closer to my family members who are Chinese." 

Spectators lined up along Spring and Ord streets to greet the procession as it made its way down toward Broadway and Cesar Chavez Avenue. Children lit fireworks alongside the parade route while happily shouting, "Happy New Year" as families and friends relished the parade. 

Claremont Colleges' Students Inspire nnspire 

After meeting Board Chair Hilda L. Solis during her recent visit to the Claremont Colleges, Jaureese Gaines wasted no time asking her for advice.

"I want to run for office one day, so what can you tell me to prepare for public service?" said the Pomona College senior who has interned for both U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. 

"What was your experience?" he asked Solis.

"My first race was a challenge," she said, "because I ran against three other people who had already served in office and I was the newbie. But, I was the only one who walked the precinct three times!

"People remember that. They still tell me, 'You were the only one who came to my home and knocked on my door and that's why I kept voting for you," Solis said. "You've got to have that human connection."

Gaines was one of several students from the Claremont Colleges who met with Solis when she recently visited with the presidents from each of the Claremont campuses. She met with students, staff, administrators and faculty in hopes of collaborating more with the prestigious institutions of higher education.

For more information about the Claremont Colleges, click here.

East Los Angeles
Constituent's Voice is Heard

Local resident James Wenger contacted the First District recently urging for the reopening of the I-710 Eastern Avenue on-ramp.

So, a
fter a call from Board Chair Hilda L. Solis’ First District staff, Caltrans moved up the date to reopen the off-ramp from April to this month. Wenger was thankful to hear of this news.

“The Eastern Avenue on-ramp between Whittier and Olympic Boulevards had been closed for over 3 years,” wrote Wenger in an email to the First District. “This closure affected the patrons of more than 215 businesses and the citizens of East Los Angeles who use the on-ramp each day. This issue severely affected the normalcy and the economy of the entire Whittier Boulevard Shopping District.

"I'm pleased the Eastern Avenue ramp is finally open," he wrote. "Thank you very much for helping us!"

The First District staff is proud to serve its constituents. Click
here to visit our website for more information.

News Headlines

The Los Angeles Daily News published a story about the County's campaign to encourage parents to select healthier food choices for their children when they go out to eat. Read the story here.

The Los Feliz Ledger reports on Chair Solis' intention to conserve the Red Car Property in Silver Lake. Click
here for details.

Channel 62 La Estrella airs this Spanish-language report on the importance of eating smaller meal portions when dining out. Stream the report


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