Perfecting the Parkway Policy

The City of Los Angeles will no longer allow people to park their cars in a parkway (the space between the sidewalk and curb.)  Under L.A.M.C. 80.53, no person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within the area of a parkway. A parkway can also be located where no curb exists between the sidewalk and the public street, the area reserved by the City for landscaping and utilities. 

The move was prompted by parked vehicles blocking the pedestrian right of way. This is both a safety hazard and a neighborhood nuisance. Councilmember Koretz, who serves on the Transportation Committee, was happy to usher this improvement to our communities. The Department of Transportation has been placing warnings on vehicles in the past weeks but will begin enforcement (issuing parking citations) on August 14. 


Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir Project

The LADWP has begun a water quality improvement project on Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir that will protect water quality, enhance water storage and improve area fire protection. Residents will begin to see more truck activity beginning next week using the I-405 freeway and Mulholland Drive to access the property. Please note: No trucks are allowed to head east from the reservoir. Heavier truck traffic between the hours of 7:00am-5:00pm will begin in mid-September.  Some Saturday work may be required.  For project updates, please visit www.LADWP.com/upperstone.

SoCalGas Pipeline Replacement Project on Sepulveda Blvd. will continue through late December 2017

SoCalGas has begun conducting pipeline safety work on South Sepulveda Boulevard between Sepulveda Way and Casiano Road Los Angeles.  While no interruption to natural gas service is anticipated, drivers might want to think about finding alternate routes in their commute.  This effort is part of SoCalGas’ Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP), a multi-billion-dollar program that tests and updates the natural gas pipeline infrastructure in Southern California. 

Customers with questions or concerns about the construction work may call SoCalGas’ Customer Contact Center anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-427-2200. Customers may smell the odor of natural gas. Although this is normal when crews are working, SoCalGas encourages anyone who has concerns about the smell of gas to call from a safe location. 

WORK: Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 3:30pm
HOURS Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm 

Some night work from 10:00pm-6:00am at the intersection of Moraga and Sepulveda. 

Westwood Greenway: Overland Ave. to Westwood Blvd

This week, the LA Conservation Corps' Clean and Green team was out cleaning up the southern portion of the Westwood Greenway from Overland Ave. to Westwood Blvd. More than 30 kids from the program helped remove weeds, dry brush, and gave much need care to the Greenway.


Burbank Blvd improvements: Balboa Blvd to Hayvenhurst

The Department of Street Services did an amazing job clearing the weeds along the median on Burbank Blvd. from Balboa to Hayvenhurst. In addition, the Army Corp of Engineers is cleaning out the trash and debris on the south side of the street for fire safety. Councilmember Koretz would like to thank Street Services and the Army Corp for helping keep our neighborhoods safe and clean. 


Homeless Encampments

Every month our office receives an average of two hundred fifty calls with questions about homeless encampments, the process for cleaning up encampments and the services offered to homeless individuals.

Following the direction and guidance of the City Attorney's office, here's the process:

1. If you are concerned about a homeless encampment in the Fifth District, please send an email to Paul.Koretz@lacity.org with a photo and the closest address to its location.
2. A field deputy will notify you that they've received the request and will then submit the information to the Bureau of Sanitation.
3. When the Bureau of Sanitation authorizes a homeless encampment cleanup, a report will be sent to the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA), where LAHSA field representatives will engage with the homeless person at least three times.
4. If the homeless individual(s) refuse services provided through LAHSA, the Authority will then notify the Bureau of Sanitation to process the encampment for cleanup.
5. Each Council District is provided one day per month when the top five homeless encampments will be cleaned up. The Council office provides the top five locations to the Bureau of Sanitation.
6. The Bureau of Sanitation then coordinates with the local Police Divisions for the determined encampment cleanup day. Please note that due to safety concerns, the Bureau will not clean an encampment if the LAPD is not present.
7. The Bureau of Sanitation will post a 72-hour notice near the homeless encampment informing the homeless individual(s) how long they have until the City arrives to service the area.
8. The Bureau of Sanitation and the LAPD arrive at the requested site directing the homeless person to move their personal belongings so that the Bureau can remove all hazardous waste, trash/debris, and power wash the area.

Please note that when the Bureau of Sanitation completely sanitizes the area, the homeless individual(s) may return to the location. As this happens quite often, please refer to the first step so that the location is re-authorized for cleanup. The Bureau is not allowed to return to a location after it has been serviced, and they cannot refer to an old authorization in order to expedite a service clean up. Altogether, the time it takes the City to coordinate and process an encampment is 10 to 20 business days.

Art and Culture in Council District 5

The Cultural Affairs Commission has approved two public art projects this month in the Fifth Council district -- the Freedom Sculpture and the Overland Avenue Mural. 

The Freedom Sculpture, a Statue of Liberty for the West Coast, was installed this summer on the 4th of July, and is now officially managed by the City of Los Angeles. Gifted by the Farhang Foundation to celebrate freedom and Iranian-American culture, the sculpture symbolizes the promotion of cultural diversity in West Los Angeles.  Councilmember Koretz was honored to accept this gift on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.

The Cultural Affairs Commission also approved the Overland Avenue Mural which will be installed on the retaining wall of the 3200 block of Overland Ave. The mural will showcase a number of indigenous species to the West Los Angeles area, with an otherworldly sense of space using abstract color and shapes.


The Sidewalk Repair Program Environmental Review Has Begun

As we have previously reported, the City has engaged in a massive Sidewalk Repair Program in part to repair and upgrade sidewalks and curb ramps adjacent to City-owned pedestrian facilities so that they are compliant with applicable accessibility requirements.  Street tree removals and replacements, along with utility relocations, may be needed, as well. Additionally, the City may adopt policies and/or ordinances to assist in the administration of the proposed Sidewalk Repair Program and its objectives.

In order to do this, the City must engage in an environmental review of the project. A Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Initial Study (IS), which describe the proposed Sidewalk Repair Program and the anticipated scope of the Environmental Impact Review, are available for public review and comment at the following website: sidewalks.lacity.org/environmental-review-process.

Make a comment at one of the remaining scoping meetings this month:

Monday, August 14, 2017
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Mid-Valley Senior Citizen Center
8825 Kester Avenue
Panorama City, CA 91402

Thursday, August 24, 2017
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Westchester Senior Citizen Center
8740 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Submit comments at sidewalks.lacity.org/environmental-review-process 
 shilpa.gupta@lacity.org with “SRP” in the subject line and a valid mailing address in the email
Mail written comments to:

Shilpa Gupta, Environmental Supervisor I
Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering
Environmental Management Group
1149 S. Broadway, Suite 600, Mail Stop 939
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Planning 101 Trainings for LA Community Members

Friendly reminder: The Department of City Planning and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment will be hosting a series of Planning 101 Trainings throughout the month of August. The trainings are intended to provide an overview of the basic elements of planning, land use, and zoning for community members who are new to the planning process or for those who would like to get a refresher course. Please RSVP if you would like to attend one of these trainings by email lisette.covarubias@lacity.org  or via phone at 213.978.1321

Wednesday, August 16, 6:00pm-9:30pm 
Westchester Municipal Building, Community Room
7166 W. Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Monday, August 28, 6:00pm-9:30pm 
Pacoima City Hall
13520 Van Nuys Blvd, 2nd Floor
Pacoima, CA 91342


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