Dear Friends,

Last week I sent out a letter about a “small” spill of an odorant that is added to natural gas at the Rancho Park drill site by SoCalGas. Reports of the odor were made from as far away as 4 miles from the source of the spill. Natural gas is odorless, and, as a safety precaution, a distinctive odor (or oderant) is added to it so most people can easily notice its presence. In this case, the odors were not caused by a gas leak but by a spill of the actual odorant (Mercaptan). 

I wanted to update you on the situation.
On Friday morning, my Chief Deputy of Public Safety toured the Rancho Park facility where he questioned the employees who first identified the source of the odor, as well as personnel from SoCal Gas who actually own, operate and maintain the equipment at the Rancho Park Drill site.

He also visited a nearby school, neighbors and community stakeholders to hear how the oderant spill had affected them, and to reassure them that the situation regarding clean up had been completed.

In addition, I immediately introduced a motion calling for a full and thoroughly transparent report on what occurred and what can be done to avoid future mishaps.

The motion has been expedited and will be heard tomorrow, Tuesday, in the full City Council meeting. The meeting starts at 10am, though it is #54 on the agenda, so it will likely be heard after 11am, if any of you would like to attend.  If you cannot make it, but would like to submit a letter regarding your experience or questions you'd like me to ask of SoCalGas, please feel free to email my Director of Environmental Affairs at

The safety and health of all Angelenos is extremely important to me. My team and I will continue to address this situation until I am assured that everyone and their families are completely safe now and in the future.


Councilmember Paul Koretz, Fifth District


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