Dear friends,

We have been at the Command Post for the #SkirballFire / Sepulveda Pass fire near the Getty Center all day where hundreds of LAPD and LAFD first responders continue to be committed here throughout the night.  LAFD concerns include anticipated high winds this evening.  All resources are being deployed to address the threats.

At this time:
MANDATORY EVACUATIONS continue for all locations within these boundaries:
South of Mulholland Drive / East of 405 Freeway / North of Sunset Blvd / West of Roscomare Rd.

PLEASE COMPLY IMMEDIATELY - Do NOT risk your lives by staying in your home.  Grab your family and your animals and GET OUT of the fire zone!   



For ALL emergency updates, please visit

Red Flag Warnings have been extended throughout Los Angeles through Saturday due to increased winds and dry weather.  No parking in posted red flag zones or you can get towed.  For more information on City Red Flag alerts, please visit: 

Schools WILL BE CLOSED Thursday and Friday throughout the San Fernando Valley and several others throughout Los Angeles.  For a complete list of school closures visit:

Please continue to avoid driving unnecessarily in or near the fire zones (even if WAZE is directing you there) as emergency vehicles need access in and neighbors under evacuation orders need access out. 

If you live in adjacent neighborhoods, please prepare for possible evacuation. Please pack anything into your vehicle you need to take with you (including medicine, glasses and important ID). 

Pets: Pets are allowed at LA City shelters with their leash and/or crate.  Bring food, water and any meds your pets need.  We also have shelters for large animals, that you can find listed at

Be sure you know where your pets are so that they are easily accessible to pack into pet carriers to get out quickly.  Cats, especially, like to hide so now is a good time to place them in a room or area of your home where they remain easily accessible to you.  

Visit http://ReadyLA and Ready, Set, Go! for escape plans for you and your family and pets in order to be prepared to go if evacuation orders come your way.

Air quality is currently unhealthy: Please close all windows and keep doors closed and limit time outdoors.  Do not leave your animals outside, either.  Smoke and ash can be harmful to health, especially in vulnerable individuals, like  children, the elderly, people with asthma or individuals with other respiratory and heart conditions.

Social Media: I'll keep updating on social media but please use news stations as they continue to be in touch with various emergency command posts around the clock.

Follow @LAFD with the hashtag #SkirballFire for fire updates.
Follow @CHPsouthern for traffic updates.
Follow @PaulKoretzCD5 for my Twitter updates and
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Finally, I have been at the command post all day and it is approaching midnight.  I'll be back at the command post early tomorrow morning where I am staying onsite all day tomorrow with my Chief Deputy of Public Safety Greg Martayan assuring that I can keep my community members up to date in real time as it is happening. 

My offices are closed for the evening but will reopen at 9:00 AM:
City Hall - 213-473-7005
Valley Office - 818-971-3088
West LA Office - 323-866-1828

My Chief Deputy of Public Safety can still be reached at 213-505-8420 at our fire command post.

As always, many thanks to our emergency responders for keeping us safe.  Also, thank you so much to residents for your cooperation through this trying time. 

Councilmember Paul Koretz, Fifth District


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