Dear Friends,

By now you may have learned that there is a fire burning in the Benedict Canyon area behind homes on Portola Dr. which is threatening homes on Yoakum Dr. as well. There have been 250 firefighters (LAFD) and 75 police officers (LAPD) on the scene with me and my staff in the hours since the fire began. In addition, five water-dropping helicopters have been hitting the fire and four planes have been dropping fire retardant in order to establish a protective perimeter around threatened homes. At this time, the fire has burned approximately 35 acres and is 10% contained. We are making good progress and hope to be able to successfully protect all structures and keep everybody safe.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is currently evaluating the progress and containment of the Portola Fire and evacuation needs. If you have been asked to evacuate, please cooperate immediately with the request for your safety and the safety of others. Residents who have been evacuated should be rest assured that LAPD patrols are active in the evacuated neighborhoods protecting property against any possible theft.  

At this time, it looks as though the evacuation order could be lifted with repopulation taking place around 8:00 pm. Please continue to follow the guidance of the LAFD and LAPD.

Drivers: please continue to avoid the Benedict Canyon area if at all possible to allow evacuations to run smoothly and to keep the area open for emergency vehicles. Be cautious using phone navigation apps that could send you directly into the fire zone.

Thank you to the LAFD and all agency partners including Santa Monica Fire, Beverly Hills Fire and LA County Fire Departments.  In addition, thank you to LAPD for its work in the evacuations. 

For the most updated information continue to tune into local news stations and sign up for email alerts at or text READY to 888-777. 


Councilmember Paul Koretz, Fifth District


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