August 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

I would like to address recent events. Over the course of the last few weeks, the Fifth Council District has become victim to gang-related violence, excessive house parties, and dangerous drag racing street takeovers. From the beginning, I have made clear my position of zero tolerance for this type of criminal behavior and I have asked for full enforcement by LAPD with prosecutions from the City Attorney. Last night’s house party on Mulholland Drive, which resulted in three individuals being injured and one fatality, adds to the immediacy of our need to restore public safety. There is no room for criminal behavior in our neighborhoods or on our streets. This isn’t politics, people are dying. Neighborhoods are scared. We cannot wait another minute longer.

Illegal gatherings, homes being rented to be used as social venues, and other criminal activity during Covid-19 put our neighborhoods and residents in grave danger. I will not tolerate the blatant disregard for human life.

I am asking that the full weight of the law be brought to bear in addressing these issues. The path forward does not include compromise; rather, the mission must be to maintain order and safety in our residential neighborhoods, especially during one of the most challenging times in our City's history.

I am calling on all our public safety agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department to unequivocally enforce against all illegal house parties, due to their inherent danger in placing our hillsides, our neighborhoods, and our residents in peril. I am also requesting the support of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and the Los Angeles City Attorney, so we can move quickly and swiftly against violators who break the law by hosting illegal gatherings and misusing their properties.

I ask for the public’s help as well as we address the impact of this criminal behavior in our community. I encourage all residents to report all criminal activity to LAPD. If you see something, say something. If you or someone you know is in danger, please dial 911. If there is no immediate threat but a police response is needed, please dial (877) ASK-LAPD. For online reporting, you can file at Please take the time to file reports, provide information, and assist us in creating a safer Fifth District and City.

From the beginning, my position has never wavered: full enforcement of the law is absolutely necessary to preserve life. We shouldn’t hesitate to uphold and maintain public safety. Enough is enough.



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