Wilshire Ramps Reconstruction

Dear Friends,
Starting this Friday night, June 22nd, major work begins on the Wilshire Ramps Reconstruction – an effort that is being managed by Metro on behalf of Caltrans and in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and other agencies. 

The good news is that the eventual outcome, once work is complete on the Wilshire Ramps Reconstruction, will be one of significant improvement for motorists traveling through the area. The Wilshire-405 "intersection" has long been considered among the worst designed intersections/interchanges in the state, leaving many drivers and passengers feeling like they're on a roller coaster ride when they're getting off or on the freeway.  Because of the Reconstruction, vehicles will have a longer and more graceful transition phase between the freeway and Wilshire, thereby providing greater safety and a steadier and speedier traffic flow on freeway and Wilshire alike.  Here is the link to the educational video that explains why Metro is rebuilding those ramps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-5AF73Ce8g.

The bad news is that many of us are likely to suffer some inconvenience, maybe even major inconvenience, in the weeks and months to come, because of closures that will necessarily occur as work progresses. While the immediate phase that starts on Friday night is scheduled to last approximately three months, the entire Wilshire Ramps Reconstruction could last for more than a year.  There will be no magic detour – we will all just have to adjust as best we can, including by keeping track of changes in closures (some of them, overnight closures) as they occur.  That will be a big strain on those who live or work in the immediate area, but even those of you who travel infrequently through this area might want to determine in advance if any pertinent closures have been scheduled.

Metro has created some excellent tools for tracking the work and determining closures, and I recommend that you explore their use:
Here is the direct link to the Wilshire Ramps Reconstruction webpage:

The easiest way for someone to receive e-blasts and more frequent Construction Notices is to send an email to the project email address: i405@metro.net – you can always request to be deleted from that list, if you wish.

Each closure is posted on the Metro website – www.metro.net/405 – and on Metro's Facebook and Twitter pages – www.facebook.com/405project and twitter.com/i_405.

The Project hotline is  213.922.3665.

If you or your business have a robust website, here is a link to the applet that allows a webmaster to add a compact display version of daily closures: http://www.metro.net/projects/I-405/link-us/.

With an effort this mammoth, and with so many differing agencies and jurisdictions involved, even the best plans can prove problematic if there's a failure in communications and implementation, and if the people in their home communities are not recognized or heard in the process. It is also important to note that work on other portions of the 405 causes inconvenience for local residents, and we are always eager to find ways to mitigate any hardship. Please know that I always invite you to contact me and my office whenever you feel there might be a problem that we can help resolve, or when you have an idea for making our quality of life better.

Thank you all for your patience and for your love of community.



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