July 19, 2012 | Issue 21  

CECY E-News Is Back!
This issue catches you up on a series of reports that have been released in the last few weeks! Hope you like our new format!

Wanted Youth Advisors For CECY

Application Due Date August 15th
Youth and young adults between the ages of 16-30
-Who are connected with other youth with disabilities on a regular basis
-Who are interested in developing their leadership skills
-Who want to give us advice about helping youth follow their dreams and goals for future work.
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Employment First Policy- Update
AB2338 was voted out of the Senate Human Services Committee and will now go to Appropriations.
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Unfinished Business: Making Employment of People with Disabilities a National Priority
Report identifies opportunities and calls for improved private and public services and reforms that lead to better employment outcomes for young people with disabilities.
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A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities
National Governors Association
A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities aims to increase employment among individuals with disabilities. Because government, business, the general public, individuals with disabilities, and their families all stand to benefit from increased employment of people with disabilities, all have a role and shared responsibility in reaching this goal.
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Programs For Disabled Job Seekers Are Fragmented, Repetitive, GAO Finds  

Federal efforts to help disabled job seekers stretch over 45 programs and nine agencies, “reflecting a fragmented system of services,” the latest Government Accountability Office report on duplication in government stated.
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Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcomes For Transition-Age Youth With Intellectual Disabilities
As transition services evolve, increased attention is being given to the outcomes of transition-age youth. This Data Note focuses on employment outcomes of transition-age youth with intellectual disabilities (ID) as compared with older age groups.
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DOJ Findings Letter Concluding OR Violating ADA
DOJ has just issued attached Findings Letter, concluding that OR is violating title II of the ADA by excessively relying on sheltered workshops.  This is the first time that DOJ has determined that segregated workshops constitute an ADA violation and that a state's employment service system must be modified to expand integrated employment opportunities.
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Think College Webinar Series
iPAD as Personal Learning Device 7/26/12
Innovative Technology for Students with ID 8/27/12
Getting Started: Developing Inclusive College Opportunities 9/17/12
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ARCA's 4th New Day conference is being held in September 17th -19th at the Pasadena Hilton.  This year’s theme is centering on collaboration and working together towards a positive future for people with developmental disabilities. Preconference Workshops by– Erin Reil (Project Search), Cary Griffin (Microenterprise), Peter Gerhardt (Right Jog for Right Person at Right Time); Joe Wycowski (Building Assets).
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Youth On The Move 
What happens to kids with intellectual disabilities after they finish highschool?  Their success depends on several factors: high expectations, good planning, and the right resources. Youth on the Move, offers Information on this crucial transition from high school to the adult world. Learn how to plan comprehensively, support young people to become more independent, and help them use their interests and skills to guide their job search. There's also a Transition Timeline to show professionals exactly what steps are essential between the ages of 14 and 18.
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Lets Go To Work California: Request For Proposals
Proposal Deadline: August 24, 2012
Funding: $20,000

CECY (the California Employment Consortium for Youth and Young Adults with Intellectual and other Developmental Disabilities is offering grants to California based teams to document previous efforts to include youth and young adults with ID/DD ages 16-30 in integrated competitive employment, and to take those efforts to the next level of success.
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2013 Statewide Grant Funds
Proposal Deadline July 27, 2012
Funding: $ 360,000 for 1 or more proposals

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) by the State Council On Developmental Disabilities is to develop innovative transition models and/or postsecondary education opportunities that increase the numbers of youth and young adults with developmental disabilities, ages 16-30 in integrated competitive employment.
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