October 31, 2012 | Issue 35

Social Security Administration Redesigns Ticket to Work Website
This new portal is your entry point to program information, resources, and news about our employment support programs. Social Security disability beneficiaries and others can find the information they need via the new portal or by calling the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 (V) /866-833-2967(TTY/TDD). Beneficiaries who want to work or are already working can find resources on the new site such as: real success stories, Employment Network report cards, the Choose Work blog, and free monthly Work Incentives Seminar Events.
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Getting to Work: Addressing the Transportation Challenge
Even the best job matches won't succeed if there's no way for people to get to work. Transportation doesn't need to be an insurmountable barrier to employment for individuals with disabilities. In this new SELN's guide, you'll find transportation solutions for the individuals you support.
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Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact
"Low Cost, High Impact" is a study conducted by the Job Accommodation Network that consistently shows that the benefits employers receive from making workplace accommodations far outweigh the low cost. Employers reported that providing accommodations resulted in such benefits as retaining valuable employees, improving productivity and morale, reducing workers' compensation and training costs, and improving company diversity. These benefits were obtained with little investment. The employers in the study reported that a high percentage (57%) of accommodations cost absolutely nothing to make, while the rest typically cost only $500.
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Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology and Transition Planning
The Family Center on Technology and Disability has published the Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology and Transition Planning in both English and Spanish. The guide includes an overview of transition planning and assistive technology, guidance on how to make a successful transition with assistive technology, information on laws governing accommodations and transition in birth-12th grade and postsecondary settings, a glossary, and additional resources.
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The Guideposts for Success: A Framework for Families Preparing Youth for Adulthood
Guideposts for Success can be used as a framework from which families of youth with disabilities can consider the support needs of their youth during the transition planning process. This information will also be helpful to professionals seeking strategies to effectively partner with families, and to advocates looking to empower families in the transition process.
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Universal Design for Learning in Workforce Development Programs
Everybody Learns, Everybody Works: Using Universal Design for Learning in Workforce Development Programs. This brief for professionals who work directly with youth in workforce development programs explains the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an educational model that makes any general curriculum accessible to all learners, regardless of learning style. The brief describes how UDL principles can be used in work experiences and training settings to more effectively and efficiently engage all youth, including youth with disabilities.
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