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Happy 2013!
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College and Career Facts
This fact sheet offers findings and statistics on the current status of high school graduates' readiness for life after high school, and includes facts about students with disabilities. The fact sheet highlights some of the challenges and opportunities facing high school students after graduation; as well as some of the consequences and implications for America's underprepared graduates.

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Moving Your Numbers Series

This is a series of resources published by the Institute's National Center on Educational Outcomes in collaboration with the University of Dayton's School of Education and Allied Professions Grant Center examining how school districts with vastly different demographics increase the performance of students with disabilities and other at-risk learners as part of whole-district reform efforts. Case studies of featured districts, as described in the full Moving Your Numbers report, provide evidence that students with disabilities, like all other students, can learn at higher levels when adults focus their collective efforts on improving instructional practice, consistently implement core work across the district, and use assessment and accountability as a lever for ongoing system and student learning and improvement.
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NPR Morning Edition, January 4, 2012 DOL Employment Report
What do the latest U.S. employment market indicators reported by the Dept. of Labor suggest about new jobs?

·January- added jobs
·155,000 jobs added
·7.8% unemployment
·Cruising along at the same rate as the last three months, generating 150,000- 200,000 jobs a month.

·What types of jobs are being added?
Data processing, accounting, health and education. Lots of jobs below the physician level, pay well.
·Less skilled jobs– transportation, warehousing, couriers or messengers there is a drop in jobs.
·Wages are up 7 cents on average.
·2.1% increase on average over the last year. Wages are keeping up with inflation. This is good news that wages are not eroding.
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SELN Update on Day and Employment Services
States continue to fund an increase in overall day and employment services at a greater rate than integrated employment services.
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Special Issue: Post-Secondary Education and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
The December issue of the Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, guest edited by Meg Grigal and Debra Hart, contains nine original articles on elements of postsecondary education for people with an intellectual disability. Guest Editors notes that the special issue demonstrates that there are increasing expectations that people with an intellectual disability can and should be given the choice of going to college. Similar to other groups of young people who have gone to college, their path toward college and the outcomes that they seek and achieve from college will vary considerably. (abstracts available at no cost, full text access at a fee).
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