January 30, 2013 | Issue 44  

New Community of Practice (COP) in Employment by ODEP
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A Review of Commonly- Used State Employment Measures in Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services
This new Policy Research Brief published by the Institute's Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota describes some of the distinctions between four publicly-available data sets commonly used to assess the current employment situation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and improve policies and services. The brief describes the purpose and scope of the different data sets, their differing definitions of employment outcomes, and their target populations. It also offers a state-by-state summary and cross-state comparison of these measures, and discusses considerations for their use in policy, practice, and research.
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Two New Research Briefs from Think College
1) Federal Financial Aid for Students with Intellectual Disabilities By Molly Boyle
2) Postsecondary Education and Employment Outcomes for Transition-Age Youth with and Without Disabilities: A Secondary Analysis of American Community Survey Data
By Frank A. Smith, Meg Grigal, and Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski.
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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream: Turning Dreams into Future Realities is an experience-based guide to dreaming and developing an action plan to turn that dream into a future reality. This guide was developed by author, Dr. Diane Nelson Bryen, Professor Emerita with contributions from Melinda Smith from Australia, and Kitty Uys from South Africa. Hundreds of individuals with disabilities who have little or no functional speech have thrown off years of oppression by daring to dream and by turning their dreams into realities. This book will help you and the people you support to dare to dream. Now on Kindle.
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Opportunities for Talented Teens
Artistically and musically talented teens, take note: there are three great opportunities with deadlines coming up. The
National Symphony Orchestra's Summer Music Institute applications are due February 8th; the California State Summer School for the Arts' applications are due on February 28th; and the GRAMMY Camp applications for musicians and music-related talent are due March 31st.

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