February 27, 2013 | Issue 48  

CA Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities
Youth Leadership Form is an annual five day leadership program that provides information and resources about employment, education, independence and assistive technology. In addition, students have the opportunity to interact with students their own age and staff with various disabilities to develop long lasting friendships.
Date: July 22-26, 2013 in Sacramento
Student application is due by March 1, 2013.
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Caley Versfelt, CECY Youth Advisor honored by Down Syndrome Association in Los Angeles 
Celebration of Voice Award Honoree Caley Versfelt at the SunDown Spring Benefit.  
Date: Saturday March 9, 2013
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Assembly Bill No. 1041 (Chesbro)
This bill would define competitive employment, microenterprises, and self-employment for these purposes. This bill would require each regional center planning team, when developing an individual program plan for a transition age youth or working age adult, to consider a specified Employment First Policy. The bill would also require regional centers to ensure that consumers, beginning at 16 years of age, and, where appropriate, other specified persons, are provided with information about the Employment First Policy, about options for integrated competitive employment, and about services and supports, including postsecondary education, available to enable the consumer to transition from school to work, and to achieve the outcomes of obtaining and maintaining integrated competitive employment. The bill would authorize the department to request information from regional centers on current and planned activities related to the Employment First Policy.
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Senate Bill No. 349 (Walters)
This bill would require a provider of sheltered work under a specified home- and community-based services waiver to demonstrate that the provider is transitioning at least 20 percent of its clients annually into integrated, individualized employment settings, with or without support in order to get reimbursed under the waiver.
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Senate Bill No. 577 (Pavley)
This bill would require the State Department of Developmental Services to establish a pilot program for young adults with autism to help them find pathways to financial independence through work. The bill would require the pilot program to develop and implement a new model for providing employment services to autistic individuals and to create financial incentives for employment service providers, as specified, among other requirements.
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Senate Bill No. 468 (Emmerson)
This bill would require the department to implement a statewide self-determination project under which funds from regional center budgets are allocated for local self-determination projects that will enhance the ability of a consumer and his or her family to control the decisions and resources required to meet the objectives in his or her individual program plan.
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State and Business Roles in Disability Employment
National Governor’s Association Winter Meeting
Date: February 24, 2013
Business leaders, disability employment experts, and governors talk about their success stories in employing people with disabilities. Governors detail their individual state programs.
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