April 24, 2013 | Issue 55  

CECY Consortium Members to Attend National Capacity Building Institute
CECY Consortium Members from California’s Community of Practice – Secondary Education (Jill Larson, Vicki Shadd, Richard Rosenberg, and Olivia Raynor) will be attending the upcoming National Capacity Building Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina May 5-9, 2013.
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Employer Engagement Strategies
Date: May 9, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Presenter: Rob Hoffman, Employment Analytics
Cost: $25 APSE Members/$50 Non-Members
Employer engagement needs are a central part of an organization’s mission rather than a marginal or optional activity. It requires placing a priority on and demonstrating an ability to meet employer needs. To effectively meet these needs entails more than just learning about positions, we have to adapt and align with the employer’s processes and strategies. This presentation will provide a detailed look at the process and strategies for effective employer engagement.
1. Understanding the Employer Engagement Process
2. Aligning services and strategies to meet employer needs
3. Strategies that make it easy for employers to engage
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Success Stories and Lessons Learned About Employment
Employment Tool Kit by Autism Speaks
The article features 2 of our Youth Advisory Committee Members, Jay Lytton and Jeremy Sicile-Kira.
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Harilyn Rousso – Don’t Call Me Inspirational!
Date: April 29, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Location: 306 Royce Hall, UCLA Campus
Sponsored by Disability Studies & Center for the Study of Women
Cost: FREE, on campus parking is $11
Harilyn Rousso is a woman with cerebral palsy and one of the “founding mothers” of the U.S. disabled women’s movement. Harilyn Rousso has been involved in the disability rights and women’s movement for more than 25 years. Confronting disability and gender stereotypes on a daily basis—from “You’re so inspirational!” to “What a shame!" "Such a pretty girl!”— Harilyn, in her memoir, Don’t Call Me Inspirational, describes what it takes to overcome disability prejudice, not disability, and how to lead a wise, witty, outrageous life, disability and all.
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Supreme Court Rules Special Education Litigation Costs Are Public
California Supreme Court has cleared the way for public disclosure of governmental legal costs in ongoing lawsuits where school districts, cities or other public agencies refuse to reveal the bills before litigation is complete.
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Social Security Administration Article Highlights Findings from Youth Transition Demonstration Projects in California & Mississippi
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has published the article, "Linking Youth Transition Support Services: Results from Two Demonstration Projects," highlighting two projects in SSA’s Youth Transition Demonstration: California's Bridges to Youth Self-Sufficiency and Mississippi's Model Youth Transition Innovation. SSA Youth Transition Demonstration projects were designed to link the fragmented support system currently in place and to address low expectations about the potential for employment and self-sufficiency among youth with disabilities. The article describes key project outcomes and the experience of one youth in each project who successfully completed the program.
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