March 6, 2014 | Issue 85  

CECY Announces Its New "Data Dashboard" to Track the Employment of Youth and Young Adults with IDD in California
CECY is proud to announce the launch of a new "Data Dashboard" created to monitor California's progress in the employment of youth and young adults with IDD in California. Graphics that help to tell the data's "story" are an integral part of its design. The dashboard will be hosted on the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) website, and is launching with a single overview page, with more pages with details to follow. We congratulate the CECY "Data Nerds" workgroup, with representatives from the Department of Developmental Services, ARCA, the Tarjan Center, SCDD, and the Alta California and Golden Gate regional centers for this important achievement!
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Pedro’s Story: When Given the Chance, People with Disabilities Can Overcome Barriers to the American Dream
Every day, countless Americans with disabilities are excluded from accessing important ladders of opportunity. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an important tool for challenging assumptions and discrimination that trap people with disabilities in poverty and segregation. When given the chance, people with disabilities are establishing their rightful place in the greater American workforce and the middle class, and are showing that they, too, can achieve the American Dream. Pedro is one such person.
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A Call to Action for State Government Leaders from a Dedicated and Determined Mom
A blog post from Margaret-Lee Thompson, a recognized national parent advocate fighting for high-impact policy reform to ensure optimal employment and socioeconomic advancement of citizens with significant disabilities.
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Hot Off the Press!  Congratulations to Bree Kennedy (CECY Member), Coordinator of College to Career Program at San Diego City College for CTP designation!
The College to Career Program at San Diego City College (SDCC) has been designated a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) by the US Dept of Education. SDCC may now offer the opportunity to eligible students with intellectual disabilities to apply for and receive federal financial aid to go to SDCC's program.

If you have an intellectual disability, you may receive funding from the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work-Study programs if you are enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a comprehensive transition and postsecondary (CTP) program for students with intellectual disabilities at a college or career school that participates in the federal student aid programs; if you are maintaining satisfactory academic progress; and you meet the basic federal student aid eligibility requirements, except that you are not required to have a high school diploma or GED and are not required to be pursuing a degree or certificate. A CTP program for students with intellectual disabilities means a degree, certificate, or nondegree program that is offered by a college or career school and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to support students with intellectual disabilities who want to continue academic, career, and independent living instruction to prepare for gainful employment, among other things.

More about the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant here.
More about Federal Work Study here.
More about CTP Programs here.
More about basic federal student aid eligibility requirements here.

The College to Career Program at SDCC now makes 5 college programs in California that have achieved CTP designation. The others are College to Career Program, Santa Rose Junior College; Transition to Independent Living, Taft College; Wayfinders, California State University Fresno; and Pathway at UCLA Extension, University of California Los Angeles.

Learn more about College to Career Programs here.


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