May 16, 2014

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Get Water Quality Grades on the Go

Beachgoers can now check the latest water quality grades at 650+ West Coast beaches via Heal the Bays Beach Report Card mobile app for the iPhone or Android, at

The new, free Beach Report Card app provides the only access anytime and anywhere to a comprehensive, weekly analysis of coastline water quality. The mobile app delivers A through F grades, weather conditions and user tips throughout beach locations in California, Oregon and Washingtonto swimmers, surfers and anyone who loves going in the ocean water.

In addition to discovering which beaches are safe or unsafe, beachgoers can look up and save their favorite local beaches, as well as learn details on beach closures.

Know before you go!


The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to unveil LAFDmobile, a free application for iPhone and Android smartphones. For more information, please click HERE.


For the latest construction notices and closures along the I-405, please visit Metro HERE.


Shopping within the City limits of Los Angeles not only supports local businesses, it also supports City services, its neighborhoods and the well-being of all Los Angeles residents. For every $10 you spend on taxes - $1 goes back to the General Fund! Whether shopping along Melrose or grabbing some food in Encino, every dollar we spend within the city is an investment to the future of Los Angeles. Details HERE.


iWATCH is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. It is a partnership between your community and the Los Angeles Police Department. For more information, please click the logo above.

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Celebrate Israel Festival

The Celebrate Israel Festival 2014 will be held this Sunday, May 18, from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., at Rancho Park. As always, it will be a great event, full of fun, festivities, and learning experiences.

Celebrate Israel’s mission is to bridge between communities by celebrating the State of Israel and educating through music, arts and culture.

To find out more about all the special happenings and featured events, the lineup of performers and locations of the day’s vendors and other offerings, please visit the website here.

Admission is $5. Councilmember Koretz heartily commends the Israeli American Council, and Debbie and Naty Saidoff, and all the other sponsors, and the volunteers, for making this event possible. He also wants to thank the local residents for their friendly patience throughout the weekend. He asks all patrons to be courteous and understanding in respecting the surrounding neighborhood.  It is very important that visitors pay close attention to the rules and guidelines about parking:


To maintain the flow of traffic near the festival and surrounding areas, we ask that the community follow festival parking signage and direction and only park in the designated parking structures provided for festival attendees. Please be respectful to the neighbors and refrain from parking on the streets around the park and in the neighborhood. Festival attendees parking in the surrounding streets and neighborhood will be sited and towed.

Fox Studios Galaxy East Parking Garage*
4000 W. Galaxy Way
Los Angeles, CA 90067
View on Google Maps

Century Park West Garage*
2030 Century Park W
Los Angeles, CA 90067
View on Google Maps

Constellation Place Garage*
10250 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
View on Google Maps

Century Park East Parking Garage
2049 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067
View on Google Maps

Fox Plaza Parking Garage
2121 Ave of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
View on Google Maps

*Parking is walking distance from the festival, Shuttles available from all structures all day

Beverly Glen Boulevard Repaving Project

The resurfacing division of the Bureau of Street Services has tentatively scheduled to repave the 1.63 mile portion of Beverly Glen, from Mulholland Drive to Beverly Glen Place over two consecutive weekends. The department is scheduling the profiling for Saturday the 17th of May, paving that profiled area Sunday the 18th, profiling Saturday the 24th of May and paving the final profiled area on Sunday the 25th.

The plan is to divide this into two segments, with full width closures of the project portions. The work will start at the south end and head towards Mulholland Drive. Residents to the west can use Nicada Drive to access Mulholland, those south of the project will enter and exit from Sunset Boulevard. Residents who are landlocked without alternate routes will be allowed access but will face some delays. They can also exit to the south or north depending on the progress of the work. The roadway will be re-opened for traffic once the crew ends work in the afternoon on Saturday and remain open until the next morning when they return. Sunday's paving will require the more stringent traffic control because the repaving will be full width. The crew will not easily be able to move the equipment to allow for cars to enter or exit the area.

As always, any Emergency Response Vehicles will be given full access to their destination. With high expectations the department expects to complete this project within these four days. There will also be a notice board prior to the project at both ends of Beverly Glen (Sunset Boulevard and Mullholland Drive), informing drivers know of this project. Our office will also inform the local Homeowner Associations and Neighborhood Council to help spread the word.

Thank you for your patience during this important project, if you have any further questions please contact Gurmet Khara at the CD 5 Valley District Office at 818-971-3088 or the resurfacing division at 213-847-3200.

Key Points:

·This project is scheduled on two consecutive weekends
   Saturday May 17th 2014 & Sunday May 18th 2014 
   Saturday May 24th 2014 & Sunday May 25th 2014 
·Working Hours 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
·Roadway will be open overnight
·Grinding work will be on Saturdays and paving on Sundays
·Crews will start at Beverly Glen Place and work towards Mulholland Drive
·First weekend: Begin at Beverly Glen Place to Nicada Drive
·Second weekend: Begin at Nicada Drive and work towards the top at Mulholland Drive
·Nicada Drive will be the half-way point where drivers can access to go southbound or northbound depending on which weekend the work will be taking place
·Local residents will be allowed access however, expect delays
·There will be traffic enforcement officers on site
·Message boards have gone up to notify drivers of the work

Yom Ha’shoah

On April 28th, Councilmember Koretz held a Yom Ha’shoah Remembrance Commemoration at City Hall. In addition to commemorating the Holocaust, the event also served as the opening of the Courage to Remember exhibit, a powerful traveling exhibit from the Simon Wiesenthal Center documenting the Holocaust.  The exhibit was sponsored by City Councilmember Koretz, Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer, City Controller Ron Galperin, the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the Foundation for California, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Many prominent figures attended and shared their thoughts about the importance of remembering the Holocaust, including Police Chief Charlie Beck, City Attorney Feuer, City Controller Ron Galperin, Councilmembers  Koretz, Bob Blumenfield, Tom LaBonge and Mike Bonin, Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Israeli General Consulate Representative David Siegel. (The following day, many of the same luminaries would speak at the start of the City Council meeting about the importance of Holocaust Remembrance.)  Mike Popik, a survivor of the Holocaust, also shared his story of survival -- sent to Auschwitz/ Birkenau from his hometown in Czechoslovakia, he was the only one to survive of a family of 39.  

Stan's Donuts

Stan's Donuts are so delicious that they bring tears to your eyes. At least they did for 80-year-old Stan Berman, who celebrated his 50th year in business at the same Westwood Village location at the corner of Weyburn and Broxton. The two-day celebration began on Friday, May 2nd with a presentation in front of City Council – where Stan was joined by his wife, Ina, and sons Michael and Jeff --  and continued into Saturday, in front of his shop.

The City declared that Saturday to be “Stan’s Donuts Day in the City of Los Angeles,” and presented Stan’s Donuts with a monumental business plaque, an honor bestowed on only a handful of businesses in Los Angeles. Councilmember Koretz, hundreds of Westwood Village residents and many of Stan's own family members came out to honor the historic milestone and anniversary of Stan’s Donuts.  Stan’s Donuts celebrated the occasion by giving out free commemorative coffee mugs and t-shirts, and rolling back the price of donuts to their original 1964 price — 10 cents each.

Councilmember Koretz applauds Stan and Stan’s Donuts for being such wonderful members and pillars of the community, and thanks Steve Sann, Chuck Levin and the Westwood Community Council for their crucial efforts in making the 50thAnniversary festivities honoring Stan’s Donuts such a rousing success!  

Congratulations, Sharon!

The L.A. City Council recently approved the appointment of Sharon Tso to take over as Chief Legislative Analyst. She will assume that role on August 29 after Gerry Miller, who currently holds that post, retires. Ms. Tso is presently the CLA's executive officer, and is an esteemed veteran of city service, having worked for the city for 32 years. 

The CLA is very important to City of Los Angeles governance. Raphael J. Sonenshein, Ph.D writes in his book, "Los Angeles:  Structure of a City Government," that was put out by The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles, "the council relies on the CLA to keep its legislative process flowing, to provide research and options on legislative matters, and to help in negotiations with the mayor and other elected officials. The CLA acts as the institutional memory of the council, and a strong CLA can be a trusted adviser to council members."   

Councilmember Koretz and indeed all of Los Angeles city government thanks Gerry Miller for his great service, and congratulates Sharon Tso on her new appointment!

Holding Wall Street Accountable

Recently, the Fix LA Coalition released a major study, entitled "No Small Fees," that documented a growing body of evidence suggesting that Wall Street banks have engaged in predatory lending practices when it comes to providing municipal financing to cities and government agencies through the transaction of deals, such as issuance of debt, that carry high fees, high interest rates and unnecessarily high risk to the benefit of the financial institutions.  The report shows that while the City of L.A. faces ongoing financial problems and cuts to its public services, Wall Street has profited by costing the City more than $200 million last year in fees and payments, not including interest or principal.  

The Fix LA Coalition report especially focused on a kind of deal called an interest-rate swap.  Such deals involving Bank of New York Mellon Corp and Dexia SA were negotiated in 2006 -- years before Councilmember Koretz took office -- but they continue to cost the City many millions of dollars.  That's why the Councilmember introduced a motion calling on these banks to renegotiate or terminate these costly interest-rate swap deals, and to return to our City any related unfair profits and termination payments.  If these banks are unwilling to do so and at no cost to L.A., his motion says the City Council should consider terminating any current business with these banks, and should also consider excluding them from all future business with the City.  The motion, which was seconded by Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo, will be heard in the Council's Budget and Finance Committee.

Rialto Unified

Holocaust Remembrance Day is held around the world annually, in order to memorialize the tragic sacrifices forced on so many millions of victims, and to say, “never again.”  And so we educate ourselves and future generations, properly and necessarily, to always know enough to resist such genocide. These lessons are essential, for the youth of today and for civilization itself -- as the philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

That’s why it was shocking that in nearby Rialto, California, an assignment for 8th graders asked whether the Holocaust “was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”  This assignment mocked the truth and failed to honor the millions of victims of the Nazis.  Protests were immediately forthcoming, including in the form of a Los Angeles City Council resolution authored by Councilmembers Blumenfield, Englander and Koretz and seconded by Councilmembers LaBonge and O’Farrell.  The Rialto Unified School District has apologized, and that is appreciated, but there remains much reason to ask how and why this utterly thoughtless, offensive and dangerous assignment was ever contemplated, much less undertaken.

We Are One

The Los Angeles Clippers -- coach and players -- made a great effort this year but the year ended with a game 6 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Needless to say, the season will long be remembered for comments made by Donald Sterling that, when made public, caused great dismay and disgust, primarily because of his attitude concerning race. The Clippers players and coach, fans (chanting "We are one"), sponsors and the league itself demonstrated a unified resolve in seeking a quick public renunciation of such beliefs, including by speaking out at a media conference held at Los Angeles City Hall.   

Hate Far Away is Felt and Condemned Here

The government of Brunei, led by the Sultan of Brunei, has recently implemented extremely harsh laws that, in phases, will impose penalties including death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery; the laws would also allow flogging and severing of limbs for theft and other offenses.

The United Nations has condemned the action and urged the government of Brunei to revisit its penal code. The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a Resolution, introduced by Paul Koretz and seconded by Councilmembers Bonin, Englander, Martinez and O'Farrell, condemning the government of Brunei and also urging that government to divest itself of the Bevelry Hills Hotel and the Bel Air Hotel. The Beverly Hills City Council has approved a similar resolution.

The Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel Air are part of the Dorchester Collection of properties owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, an arm of the Brunei government which has come under widespread criticism since Sultan Hassanal Bokiah announced the new criminal code based on sharia law.  Several groups and prominent public figures have since pledged to boycott the hotels until the Malaysia-adjacent country changes its laws or relinquishes its ownership.

Palms Bike Rodeo

Palms was recently the site of the Palms Bike Rodeo, a wonderful event promoting and celebrating bicycle riding and bike safety. Councilmember Koretz was on hand to enjoy the day and to thank the Palms Neighborhood Council, Safe Moves LA (a non-profit that works on traffic and safety issues), and the LAPD Pacific Division for putting together the  Bike Rodeo.  The Councilmember also congratulated all involved for making it a "zero waste" event, with the goal being that none of the trash generated would be sent to landfills, but would instead be composted and/or recycled. 

Councilmember Koretz with members of the Palms Neighborhood Council

Councilmember Koretz with Senior Lead Officer Juan Ceja

In Honor of Zev

Councilmember Koretz was proud to join with the Holmby Westwood Property Owners' Association in celebrating the public service and accomplishments of Zev Yaroslavsky, who will be retiring from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors this November.  At a recent meeting of the HWPOA, at which Supervisor Yaroslavsky was a special guest, Councilmember Koretz and Association leadership announced plans to name the children’s recreational area in Holmby Park in his honor, in recognition of the Supervisor's leadership and steadfast dedication to the community. Supervisor Yaroslavasky was surprised and expressed his humble gratitude.

As a member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, Yaroslavsky has represented not just a large part of the City of Los Angeles but also numerous other local cities, as well as varied unincorporated areas of the County.  He has represented the Holmby Westwood community for the past 40 years, first as 5th District City Councilmember from 1975 to 1994, and then as an L.A. County Supervisor from 1994 to the present. Councilmember Koretz spoke at the HWPOA meeting of many of Yaroslavsky's local and regional accomplishments. Back when he was a City Councilmember, Yaroslavsky secured the resources to build the Westwood Rec Center, co-authored Prop U which reduced the size of commercial and industrial properties, and co-authored Prop O which banned future oil drilling along our coast.  Under his leadership, Westwood was the recipient of the Hammer Museum, the Wilshire Blvd. Golden Mile, the expanded Century City and Fox Studios, the Olympic Village in Westwood, and the Regional Commercial Center in Westwood.  As a County Supervisor, Zev has helped to acquire thousands of acres of mostly pristine woodlands and established rigorous new restrictions for development in the Santa Monica Mountains. He has been a leading proponent of mass transit on the Westside and helped to secure funding for the Purple and Expo light rail lines. At the HWPOA meeting, Councilmember Koretz said that "Zev's record of accomplishments sets the gold standard for what it means to be a public servant." Councilmember Koretz has instructed the City's Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners to proceed regarding the naming in Holmby Park.

Stopping Out-of-Scale Development

Councilmember Koretz introduced a motion at the May 16th City Council meeting that is intended to help stem the tide of out-of-scale development in our single family neighborhoods. Seconded by Councilmember Mike Bonin, the motion addresses exemptions, bonuses, and multiple Floor Area Ratio (FAR) thresholds that are currently allowed under the City's Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO). 

Development of boxy "McMansions" may threaten the character of a neighborhood and disrupt the local qualify of life. The motion will hopefully encourage any home construction to be in scale with the local neighborhood.  The motion will be heard in the Council's Planning and Land Use Management committee. 

Chief Charlie Beck

On May 5th, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck took part in the groundbreaking of what will be the new Northeast Police Station, but the bitter was certainly mixed in with the sweet because the LAPD family has experienced great recent tragedy with the deaths of several Officers. Even while he talked positively about the future, Chief Beck shared his personal sorrow over the loss felt by all.  We salute the service and sacrifices made by our LAPD officers.

Protecting Police Officers

Currently pending in Congress is a bill -- S. 933, the “The Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program: Supporting Law Enforcement Officers When it Matters Most,” -- that would reauthorize the Bulletproof Vest Grant Partnership Program, a life-saving program whose charter expired in 2012.  

Councilmember Koretz has introduced a City Council Resolution in support of reauthorization, because bulletproof vests protect the very law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line for people in communities all across the country. Today's Congress does not find it easy to agree on any matter, no matter how great the priority and obvious the need, so expressions of support from local cities and communities can make a difference.  

For over 15 years, the Bulletproof Vest Partnership program has been saving lives by helping to provide over one million vests to over 13,000 local law enforcement agencies.  The law enforcement community has spoken with a single voice on this issue; they understand the unfortunate reality that life-saving vests can be extremely expensive – especially for smaller jurisdictions – and that they can wear out too soon; and they also understand that many officers are alive today because of it. 

S. 933, the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program Reauthorization Act of 2013, amends the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to: (1) extend through FY2018 the authorization of appropriations for the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program; (2) transfer to the Treasury, no later than January 15, 2016, all previously appropriated funds for such program that are not expended by September 30, 2015; (3) prohibit a state, local government, or Indian tribe from using any funding under another grant program to pay or defer the cost of the matching fund requirement for the grant program; (4) require a grantee to comply with any established requirements for the use of such grants, have a written policy requiring uniformed patrol officers to wear an armor vest or body armor, and use funds for purchasing vests or body armor that meet performance standards established by the Bureau of Justice Assistance; and (5) allow preferential consideration in grant awards to jurisdictions that provide armor vests to law enforcement officers that are uniquely fitted for such officers, including individual female officers; 

City Councilmember Mitch Englander seconded the Koretz Resolution which will next be heard in the City Council's Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.  

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