August 01, 2014

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5th District flooding

The massive water main break that occurred this past Tuesday, July 29th, sent a geyser shooting approximately 30 feet in the air and flooded portions of Sunset Blvd. and UCLA.

Department of Water and Power work crews labored amid the watery chaos to shut down the valves.

Councilmember Koretz , CD 5 staffmembers, and other city personnel, including from the Department of Transportation  and LAPD, hastened to the site to provide direction, order, traffic alerts for all in (or potentially transporting through) the area, and to ensure as much public safety as might be possible, despite the circumstances. A salute also goes to the UCLA personnel involved. Millions of gallons of water were lost due to the rupture in the 90-year-old water main. The UCLA campus parking structures faced rushing water that trapped victims in their cars – the great news is that casualties were avoided, including because of the heroic work of the LAFD and others. The water main break had a significant impact on much of the UCLA campus and the nearby residential area, and many City residents were displaced and/or suffered damage to property.

The UCLA campus suffered extensive water damage. The newly renovated Pauley Pavilion contained up to 8 inches of water on its floor during the height of the flow, and the water reached other athletic facilities and buildings on the campus.

A huge thank you goes to all who helped out in the face of such trying and dangerous circumstances, including uniformed personnel and civilians. Thank you, too, to all our residents who have patiently waited for as much normalcy as possible to return, as quickly as possible.

Councilmember Koretz, joined by Council President Herb Wesson, Jr., has introduced a motion that will result in the Department of Water and Power reporting within a week to the City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee regarding:

  • the current status of the water main rupture and what caused it to occur;
  • the operational history of the water main and whether it had any prior physical integrity issues;
  • the DWDP’s water infrastructure program and whether the ruptured water main was scheduled for repairs/upgrades;
  • steps the DWP is taking to minimize water main ruptures/leaks and their impact on the public and property, including new technologies that can help identify water system physical integrity issues prior to ruptures; and
  • the status of the DWP’s long-term water infrastructure program and efforts to replace aging water system components and improve system reliability, including a review/assessment of a more rapid pace of system replacement.

Councilmember Koretz at the site of the Westwood/Sunset main leak.

The DWP has released the following information about its claims process related to the flooding, as well as an update from Friday August 1st: 

Information about the LADWP Claims Process 
Westwood / Sunset Blvd Trunk Line Rupture July 29, 2014    We at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power want to express our appreciation for the patience of Westside residents and the UCLA community as our crews and staff work around the clock as quickly and as safely as possible to complete repairs to the water trunk line that ruptured on July 29th.  While our focus is on making those repairs and reopening Sunset Boulevard as quickly as possible, we also are very much aware that this incident impacted the lives and property of many students, residents, faculty, and others in the nearby community surrounding UCLA and the UCLA campus directly. During repairs, and after they are complete, we want to assure you that we are here to help anyone who sustained damages. If you sustained property damage or were personally injured, please review the information below and submit a claim. When you are ready to send us your claim, please send it to us via mail or email. Our claim form is available online at

Claims should be submitted to: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Attn: Claims Section
P.O. Box 51111, Room 342
Los Angeles, Ca 90051-0100 Or via Email to: Please write “UCLA CLAIM” on the envelope or in the subject line.

For additional assistance call (213) 367-4600
Or email:  

Helpful Tips and Information for Submitting a Claim: 1.      Who can file a claim? Any person may file a claim for damages because of the water main break.  Claims may be for damage / repair of property (vehicles, electronic equipment, personal items, etc.) and/or for personal injury. All claimed losses, whether involving property and/or personal injury will be reviewed, however, the submission of a claim itself is not a guarantee of payment.  When you submit your claim, you will receive an assigned claim number for reference.

2.      What may I file a claim for and who needs to file the claim with LADWP? You may file a claim for damage /repair of property and/or for personal injury with the LADWP for losses due to the the July 29, 2014 Sunset – UCLA water main break.  However, you must be the owner of the property to file the claim and receive payment.  For example, if a vehicle you were driving was damaged, but is owned by a parent, friend, etc., the owner of the vehicle must make the claim for damage.  If the damaged vehicle was a leased vehicle, we urge you to immediately contact the leasing agency for advice about who should file the claim. 

3.      My dad owns the car but several items inside the vehicle belonging to me were damaged. Do I need to file a separate claim? Yes.  If someone else owns the vehicle but you separately own items that were in the vehicle and damaged, two claims need to be filed, one by the owner for the vehicle damage /repair, and one by you for your personal items that were damaged /repaired. In the case of electronic equipment that were damaged or destroyed in a vehicle, purchase documents or other documents may prove ownership and should be filed with the claim or sent to LADWP as soon after filing your claim as possible.

4.       How long do I have to file a claim? You have six months from July 29, 2014, to file a claim for personal injury or loss/damage to personal property.  The last day to submit a claim is January 29, 2015.

5.      I needed a rental when my car was in the shop. Will my rental expenses be reimbursed? Yes.  Reasonable rental costs of a same or similar vehicle type will be considered while your primary vehicle is being evaluated, repaired, or declared a total loss.  Note:  Expenses that are normally associated with the use and operation of a vehicle, such as gasoline, insurance expenses, etc., are not reimbursed.

6.      My car was damaged or a total loss. What do I do if a rental car company says I’m too young to rent a car? We realize that this is a possibility for many students.  If you are in this situation, we encourage you to use public transit. Keep your receipts for these types of services and submit them.  They will be considered as part of your claim for damage reimbursement.

My insurance carrier says that I’m not covered for this type of loss. That’s okay.  We have hired certified professional vehicle appraisers to inspect and appraise your vehicle for damage.  That inspection / appraisal will become part of your claim once you file a claim with us.

8.      Should I contact and file a claim with my vehicle insurance carrier first? We recommend that you report this incident to your automobile insurance carrier because an insurance claim and settlement is the quickest way for you to be reimbursed for a vehicle that is damaged and repaired or lost.

9.      My insurance carrier says that I have a deductible. Why should I have to pay it? We will work with your insurance carrier to waive your deductible once we receive notification from them of their intention to file a claim for reimbursement.

10.  How much money will I get from LADWP for my car? Each claim for vehicle damage /repair will be evaluated on its individual merits. Generally you will receive the amount necessary and reasonable to repair the vehicle up to the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of the loss.

11.  What should I submit with my claim Any receipts, photographs, documents, ownership information, etc., that will support your claim for damage / repair.       
12.  When I mail my claim in how will I know it will be processed? Please write in the subject line of your email or if submitting by mail, on the outside of the envelope: “UCLA CLAIM” for processing.   

Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update
Friday, August 1, 2014

As of 12:45 pm today, crews continue to work on complex repairs of the ruptured trunk line on Sunset Boulevard. Major progress was made overnight and this morning removing 66 feet of pipe from the site of the rupture. 

At this time, crews continue to prepare the replacement pipe sections and two new valves, and are working on preparing the three remaining sections of existing pipe to connect to the new pipes and valves.   The remaining pipe sections that will be welded to the new juncture are each at different elevations and angles, underscoring the complexity of the repair.  Additional updates include:

  • Crews reached 90 percent completion on the welding and fabrication of the new custom built juncture that will replace the old Y-section, connecting the three pipes. Due to the complex angles and elevation of the pipes involved, it was decided to accomplish the repair using a configuration in the shape of a “T” in place of the old “Y” juncture.  This method is helping save time, while ensuring the structural integrity of the pipe and connections.
  • The new section will be sturdier with extra steel plating to protect the joint and able to channel the water pressure much more effectively. 
  • Crews are also preparing two 36-inch diameter butterfly valves that will also be part of the repair. Each valve weighs 4,000 pounds.  One valve is complete, and preparation of the other valve is underway.
  • The damaged section that initially ruptured has been cut and removed and will been sent to LADWP Corrosion Engineering for analysis.
  • A large trench shoring shield weighing 6,000 – 8,000 pounds has been put into the excavation site via crane in order to ensure safety of workers and protect the integrity of Sunset Boulevard.
  • As the trunk line is placed back into service, and put back under pressure, crews will carefully adjust valves in the area. This puts stress on pipes in the local water distribution system, which could potentially lead to leaks or pipe breaks.  Should this occcur, crews will immediately respond.
  • The trunk line repair is expected to continue through late Friday or early Saturday, after which the backfilling and street repair phase will begin. LADWP is coordinating with the City Bureaus of Engineering, Contract Administration and Street Services.
  • Further information about the LADWP claims process, including how to file a claim and questions and answers about the process can be found at under Hot Topics. Claims forms are also available at .

    For the latest news, information and photos of the repairs, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @LADWP. 

Improving the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance
On July 29, Councilmember Koretz's motion to amend the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance came before the City Council's Planning and Land Use committee.  The motion's intent is to curb oversized development of undersized lots. The room was filled with supportive community members and leaders of neighborhood councils from around the city. The committee moved the motion forward by asking the Department of Planning to report back in 30 days with draft language for an ordinance that will ultimately require approval by the full Council.

CD 5 Planning Deputy Noah Muhlstein with Donald Loze of the Bel- Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, who was among the many on-hand to show support

Protecting our Hillsides

On July 30, Councilmember Koretz introduced two key motions, in City Council, aimed at strengthening the City's Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO) for the sake of protecting our hillsides and hillside communities.  Both motions were seconded by Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

One motion notes that “the inclusion of exemptions in the grading requirements increases the possibility for unsafe conditions when haul routes and construction occurs. Large construction projects adversely impact hillside communities after the hauling of dirt is complete, inasmuch as {the projects} can sometimes last 5+ years, causing a hardship on the community and the city’s aging infrastructure.To ensure the safety of city residents, these large scale development projects must be held to a higher standard, by examining the cumulative impacts on our aging infrastructure and communities, by amending the grading requirements set forth by the Baseline Hillside Ordinance.”

The motion calls for the Department of Building and Safety and the Bureau of Street Services, assisted by the Planning Department in consultation with the City Attorney, to prepare a report in 90 days with recommendations on how to keep the residents of hillside neighborhoods safer, including by considering the feasibility of:

  • modifications to the exemption process for hillside grading;

  • including cement trucks into the haul route hearing process to provide Council offices with a mechanism to monitor and ensure safety;

  • requiring a full completion bond on hillside projects and best practices;

  • increasing the notification for haul route hearings to include residents within a 500 square foot radius along with those residents living along the haul route, excluding those living along highways; and

  • a street bond increase for haul routes.

The other motion states that “communities throughout Council District 5, including Bel Air-Beverly Crest, are deeply concerned about existing and future development of residential property in hillside communities, which has led to massive construction burdening entire neighborhoods…As such, the Department of Building and Safety, with the assistance of other city departments, must take proactive actions and recommend regulatory modifications to the existing permitting process, and discuss the feasibility of a hillside safety fee, in an effort to immediately begin protecting the safety of hillside neighborhoods to address the uncontrolled and uncoordinated large scale development that has been occurring in hillside communities.”The motion calls for a report back in 90 days, from the Department of Building and Safety assisted by the Planning Department and in consultation with the City Attorney, providing recommendations about:

  • best practices relating to withholding Certificate of Occupancy Permits for outstanding violations;

  • the feasibility of revising the permitted hours of construction; and

  • the potential impacts of limiting the hauling of dirt and cement pours on Monday through Friday, with no Saturday or Sunday hauling.

This motion also calls for Building and Safety, in consultation with the City Attorney, to report on “the feasibility of requiring hillside project applicants to pay a hillside safety fee for increased inspection and infrastructure to protect neighborhood residents from the adverse impacts of large out of scale development projects.”

Councilmember Koretz and his staff thank the many constituents who have shared their ideas and contributed to the making of such solutions.

National Night Out- Tuesday, August 5th

This Tuesday, August 5th, is "National Night Out” – a time when a wonderful spirit of community is celebrated, and the right of people to enjoy safety from lawlessness is honored. These events differ from place to place, and some are on the scale of a block party while others might be more massive community festivities. "National Night Out" celebrations can include food and entertainment, sometimes even a speech or two, but whatever the night offers, the most cherished benefit is that it is a great opportunity for neighbors to come together and have a fun time, often through the auspices of a neighborhood watch. The local police force is also invited to join in, or co-sponsor, the friendly fun of such a community get-together.

As we’re getting closer to Tuesday, August 5th, we’ve listed two quite noteworthy events for local constituents:

At 6pm, National Night Out and the LAPD West Valley Division will present "Movie in the Park" -- with the feature presentation being, The Sandlot. This event will take place at LAPD Swat Officer Randal D. Simmons Park, at the corner of Vanowen Street and Wilbur Avenue, next door to West Valley Station (19020 Vanowen Street, Reseda). Attendees are encouraged to bring a picnic basket.

From 5:30-8pm that August 5th night at the Pointsettia Recreation Center (Sports Field), 7341 Willoughby Avenue, the LAPD & Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch National Night Out will be held.This is always a massively attended blockbuster event! Participants include:

• Blu Jam Cafe (Melrose)
• Plan Check (Fairfax)
• Village Idiot (Melrose)
• Hutchinson Cocktails and Grill (Opening This Fall On La Cienega)
• The Oinkster! (On Vine)
• Glow Bio (Balanced Inside Out) – By Kimberly Synder
• Bird N Hand (On Fairfax)
• Blaze Pizza (Farmers Market Grove)
• Eric Greenspans Grilled Cheese (Melrose)
• Just Food For Dogs (Fairfax)
• Pinks Hot Dogs (La Brea)
• Trader Joes West Hollywood
• Free Trees!
• Pet Adoption
• JQ Yoga by Johanna Quintero
• Tailwaggers
• Mid City West
• LAPD Wilshire
• LAPD West Traffic
• Melrose Business Improvement District
• Los Angeles Neighborhood Prosecutor Program
• Wilshire Community Police Council
• Target Stores (City Target – Beverly Connection)
• Live DJ Frank Marvel – Marvel Productions
• Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch
• and more to come! Surprise guests! (But remember that all giveaways are on a first come, first serve basis.)

See more at:


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