March 27, 2015

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Beachgoers can now check the latest water quality grades at 650+ West Coast beaches via Heal the Bays Beach Report Card mobile app for the iPhone or Android, at

The new, free Beach Report Card app provides the only access anytime and anywhere to a comprehensive, weekly analysis of coastline water quality. The mobile app delivers A through F grades, weather conditions and user tips throughout beach locations in California, Oregon and Washingtonto swimmers, surfers and anyone who loves going in the ocean water.

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Know before you go!


The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to unveil LAFDmobile, a free application for iPhone and Android smartphones. For more information, please click HERE.


Shopping within the City limits of Los Angeles not only supports local businesses, it also supports City services, its neighborhoods and the well-being of all Los Angeles residents. For every $10 you spend on taxes - $1 goes back to the General Fund! Whether shopping along Melrose or grabbing some food in Encino, every dollar we spend within the city is an investment to the future of Los Angeles. Details HERE.


iWATCH is a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism. It is a partnership between your community and the Los Angeles Police Department. For more information, please click the logo above.

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March 19 and 26 - two great dates in NORMS La Cienega history!

On March 19, the City's Cultural Heritage Commission unanimously voted to recommend that NORMS La Cienega be granted Historic-Cultural Monument status.  That's a great step forward in protecting and saving the 24-hour coffee shop that's housed n one of the best and last remaining examples of Googie-style architecture, and it's clearly what the Los Angeles public wants - Richard Barron, who heads the commission, said that this matter of saving NORMS La Cienega has gotten more of a public outpouring than anything else in his decade on the board.  Here are the L.A. Times and Beverly Press articles about the Commission.

Councilmemer Koretz speaks to the Cultural Heritage Commission about Norms 

While the commission's vote was quite significant, the Historic-Cultural Monument designation still has to be approved by the Los Angeles City Council within 90 days of the commission's vote (though an additional 15 days can be sought, if necessary), plus other things will have to fall into place, so there is still progress to be made.

On March 26, some longtime restaurant regulars (including Matthew Weiner of Mad Men fame, and actor/singer James Darren) gathered outside of NORMS La Cienega to celebrate the commission's vote and to urge the public to sign the Los Angeles Conservancy's "no demolition" on-line petition.

Also participating in the March 26 gathering were Councilmember Koretz, Los Angeles Conservancy President Linda Dishman, Norms Restaurants president Michael L. Colonna, and waitresses, cooks and busboys - including two waitresses who have served NORMS La Cienega patrons for 30 and 40 years!   

To see and hear Matthew Weiner speak, visit this link:

To see and hear James Darren speak, visit this link:

Additional video of March 26 will soon be available for your viewing.  In the meantime, you can sign the Los Angeles Conservancy on-line petition by going to this website.

Happy Persian New Year

Celebrating Persian New Year (spelled both as Norooz and Nowruz) is especially important in the 5th District, which is a historically crucial home to the Persian community here in the United States.  Councilmember Koretz was proud to speak at two important events - the Norooz New Year Parade and Celebration - this was the first time this end-of-parade event was held in Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles - and the Nowruz festivities held by the Farhang Foundation, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  Happy 1394!

Pioneer Women

The Los Angeles City Council annually honors fifteen women of achievement, one from each of the fifteen Council Districts, who have made exceptional contributions in the service of the community.  These women of leadership and women are named that year's "Pioneer Women."

This year, Councilmemember Koretz was proud to honor Terry Tegnazian!

Councilmember Paul Koretz with Terry Tegnazian, her husband Scott Whittle, and Councilmember Nury Martinez

Terry Tegnazian is the president of Aquila Polonica Publishing, an award-winning independent publisher based in Westwood, lives and works in Westwood and is an active community volunteer who has contributed much to her local community.

Terry has been president of the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association for the past seven years, and a member of its board for several years prior. She created and is co-moderator of the neighborhood’s email network, which has grown to 800 members since its inception fourteen years ago.

An avid champion of libraries, Terry was one of the founding directors of the Friends of Westwood Library, and was instrumental in establishing and raising funds for that organization in the year before the library opened.

She is also president and a founding director of the Los Angeles Musical Salon, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Westwood which, among other things, has sponsored many free music programs at the Westwood Library for children, teens and adults. In 2014, Terry conceived, raised funds for and ran a Quartet in Residence series at the Westwood Library. The Fiato String Quartet, an official ensemble of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, was appointed as the library’s Quartet in Residence. In its first season, the Quartet’s four free public concerts at the library proved to be extremely popular, with more than 100 people attending each concert. Terry has raised funds again to enable this concert series at the library to continue in 2015.

Before forming her publishing company, Terry practiced law in Los Angeles for twelve years. She specialized in complex transactions of motion picture financing, both U.S. and international, before leaving to pursue other business and creative endeavors.

She is a graduate of Brown University and Yale Law School. Subsequent to her professional legal career, Terry was Co-Executive Producer of a feature film, an experience which led to pursuing her own creative writing projects, which eventually led to forming her publishing company.

In addition to being a hands-on publisher involved in all aspects of each Aquila Polonica title, Terry has written for the Wall Street Journal Europe and the Warsaw Business Journal, she's been interviewed on national television, and has presented numerous live programs in a wide range of venues, including museums and libraries, universities, and consulates and embassies in the U.S. and Canada. Terry has received a number of awards related to her publishing work, including most importantly the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland by a decision of the Polish President.

Terry and her husband, Scott Whittle, attended the March 27 City Hall event.  Thank you for all you do, Terry!


The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) holds monthly round-table meetings focusing on business and economic issues.  In March, Councilmember Koretz was the speaker.  The LAEDC discussion that day included 15 CEOs, with LAEDC Chair Raul Anaya, the L.A. Market President for Bank of America, opening the event.
The meeting took place in Westwood at the UCLA Extensions Office, and the discussion ranged from citywide issues and initiatives to efforts, advances and accomplishments specific to Westwood.  The Councilmember thanks LAEDC, for providing this crucial forum.

Century City BID

The Century City Business Improvement District (BID) held its annual luncheon, and Councilmember Koretz was, as always, delighted to be on hand to brief the BID about city issues, and to discuss Century City and the important work of the BID, which is involved in so many essential efforts benefiting the community.  The Councilmember also saluted outgoing Captain Evangelyne Nathan of West L.A. Division, LAPD - she has been the commanding officer there since 2009 - and welcomed incoming Captain Tina Nieto.

Captain Nathan

Captain Evangalyne Nathan continues working at a mighty pace, even while she is readying for retirement. On March 24, she participated in her last Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) meeting, and on March 26 she held an open house at the parking lot of the West L.A. Police Station, where she greeted guests and community members.

Century City State of the City for Century City

On March 26, the Century City Chamber of Commerce held its first annual "State of the City for Century City" event, including welcoming remarks by Councilmember Koretz, who thanks the Chamber for its leadership. The audience included many people who, through their own activism, their businesses, and the Chamber have made countless contributions to the well-being and advances of Century City.

Mediation Awareness Week

Councilmember Koretz was honored to lead a Los Angeles City Council presentation celebrating the 11th annual Mediation Awareness Week.  City Attorney Michael Feuer joined Councilmember Koretz and prominent legal figures at the ceremony, including Daniel Ben-Zvi, Chair and Founder of Mediation Awareness Week.

The benefits of mediation as an option are numerous and substantial.  People need forums other than our courts for the resolution of conflict. The resolution of disputes can be unnecessarily costly, time consuming and complex when achieved through court proceedings, and our court system is already extraordinarily burdened, so it is vital that we make reasonable efforts to limit what gets sent to the courts. In mediation, parties in dispute can often agree on a resolution, under the guidance of a skilled mediator, thereby avoiding the need to seek a decision from a judge, jury or arbitrator. 

The State of California has promoted mediation efforts through the enactment of several mediation statutes, including the Uniform Medication Act, and the City of Los Angeles now has a substantial number of professionally trained mediators providing dispute resolution services to those in need of such services.

Mediation has proved to resolve conflicts amicably, improving relations among people and within neighborhoods and families and between consumers and businesses while relieving them of the burden of litigation.Increasing numbers of people are turning to dispute resolution services with resultant social, economic, and personal benefits. Our thanks go to the legal experts and institutions, as well as those inside of government, who raise awareness about how people can make use of mediation – including through the City Attorney’s Office:

Fire Safety Symposium

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